Monday, May 31, 2010

Back from Shenandoah

RK, my 4 year old daughter, is now able to distinguish between slow driving and fast driving. While coming back, she was literally very disgusted at the big traffic on the Interstate 66. Virginia is changing very fast. I am thinking of removing the car seat in a few days so that she could now sit in the front beside me and slowly learn how to drive. I have to find out who holds the world record of becoming the youngest driver and ask her to break the record as a challenge. Haha. I can't think of my baby being not at par with the best in the world in any areas of activity. Cruel me, right? Is it bad to put your kid through such rat-races since such an early age. Do comment. I like to know.

This is not a very good time to go to the park. A bit hot. But I always feel very energetic after the horse-riding at Shenandoah. This is called high testosterone. Yes women have it too. After all adventure is in our blood. And also there are not many places in the world which can match the beauty of Big Meadows. Mom will be here in a week. Lots of stuff to complete before she comes.
Will come back with more stories of life and many other things from time to time.


sankar said...

SO you live in Va?

anand said...

mimi: you must give yiur kid some rest too.... my sister is very strict wid her kid .. and I feel sorry .. but they are good at maths ...but very shy ...bcause my sister is very stricts.... i like ur weblog ... plz write

Mimi Sen said...