Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Sagarika, with lots of best wishes for standing up for the Truth, Mimi

Can't help publishing the link to the article.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Food for Thought: The chicken-or-egg problem with time-or-speed

How do you define time? Well, time=distance/speed. Very good. Bravo. But hang on a second. How do you define speed. Speed=distance/time. Does it not constitute a circularity of logic?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Save Sakineh from Stoning

Thanks for signing the petition to save Sakineh Mohammadi from Stoning.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Food For Thought: Stein's Private India

So much vitriol is being thrown against the article "My Own Private India" by Joel Stein, particularly in the Indian media. The Indian expatriates in the US have been most outraged and vociferous. Why? Is it because that what Joel Stein told is every bit true. Is it because that he just hit the nail right on the head? Just think.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Food for thought: Sex in zero gravity

A good reason why the moon has no traces of life is that it is difficult to participate in sexual intercourse in zero gravity or micro gravity.

I hate Karan-johar Stories

The following was my comment posted on Shobaa De's weblog on the movie "I hate love storys". In fear that Shobhaa may delete the comment I am reposting it here. I take full responsibility of what I wrote here. I told you that I'm outspoken.

The movie in a true sense what is called 'sucks'.

In the past I of course disagreed with Sobhaa on many occasions, but this time I think she is bang on. I'm in my early 30s and the man I went out to watch the movie with was in his late 20s. I don't know whether our ages fall in the age group of the target audience, none of us could not stand the over-the-top storyline, mushy dialog and, over and above, the presentation of dull cliches passed for something very cool. I think the teenagers would also find it boring to the hilt.

Sonam Kapoor is pretty much of a junk herself. She imagines she is hot and sexy. God help her. This is my warning message to the future producers. Sonam Kapoor for a short while kept a twitter message, which meant something like, "Do not take seriously what Shobaa De wrote about the movie as she has become a fossil with her growing age after her menopause.

I wonder what kind of a family does she come from to have indulged in expression of such personal malice and abuses? A friend of mine just opined that this bitch from the Kapoor family would go a long way in her career in the industry because she looked prepared to get laid and, even,gangbanged by the producers and the directors, if need be, to grab roles in movies. Good luck Ms. Sonam Kapoor.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Missing Comments

Hi guys,

I missed some comments, as they did not appear on the side bar. For example, J.s. on kashmir post, anon on theism/atheism etc, including some abusive comments by the great shong (shong as in bengali meaning clown). Now I have enabled email-delivery of the comments (thanks to KS). In addition, the princess was also not doing well lately. Shall reply very shortly.:)


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


KS sent me the following link with a comment, "She is bold." After reading the report, my comment is: "This woman can be a poster girl for women liberation."


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coming Up Next: A 'real' Interview with Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan published an interview he gave to Subhah Jha on his blog here. He actually wanted to say something else, but what came out of his pen is something different. What would have been his `real' answers to the same questions, had he not been the megastar constantly on his toe to secure a solid career for his son in the film industry? Stay tuned to know the real interview.

Israel: The Most Evil Country in the World (3)

If the following information is true, how would you probably not support the armed resistance of the Palestinians against Israel, even if such resistance breaks some International laws. If I had the powers, I would have probably administered death to Netanyahu by squeeezzzing his balls and feeding them to the street dogs. Don't forget to appreciate the abundance of "e" and "z" in the spelling.

The fact that the sole intention of Israel is to slowly occupy the whole Palestinian land and wipe them off the face of the earth, as I recorded earlier, is reflected again in the news.

Israel is doing it since 1947. I have no other option but to support the holy war against Israel. I'm so far away from the battlefield. If my blood can boil at such a distance, one can clearly understand the feelings of the Arabs.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Girl talk: "Now you have grown up, my dear"

-Ma, I want to tell you something?


- Today in the school something happened.

- Anything serious, Mimi?

- I just do not know. But it's kind of unsettling.

-Whatttt? You do not know? What is it? Did the geography Miss say anything again?

This time the "whatt" was much louder and it almost scared the hell out me, as I was already very nervous since the time that incident happened in the school.

- No, nothing of that type. It is kind of scary.

- Then what is it? What happened to you then?  Please.

Mother was seriously anxious to know the matter. A bit  impatient too. Her eyebrows drew closer. Furrows widening on the forehead.

- When I was in the restroom today in the school, I saw a few blobs of red ....
The furrow on her forehead released and slowly converted into soft grin on her face. The conversation in fact did not end there. It went far longer till I felt reasonably comfortable to reconcile myself with the new found girlhood.

The above conversation took place between me and Ma around two decades back. That was also the day when she told me about the word called "menarche" which I should never forget due to its uncommon pronunciation.

Today is such a day for my niece.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Loaded with Obscene Comments from the Mocking Bong

It was not unforeseen that the Bong would jump into action after his fictitious interview that was published here, and innundate my comment-space with unspeakably obscene comments. I feel very amused to watch people in their public persona trying to enact gentleman and progressive, when they abuse incessantly in the bitterest malicious manner behind the shield of anonymity.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Loved this

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I loved this.

Davidar and his 'tacit' admission to molestation

Now David Davidar, a former big Penguin honcho, today, sort of admitted that he indeed behaved with his female employees inappropriately and that he cheated on his wife. My only comment is: when I vehemently protest such acts of lewdness and demand exemplary punishment, I must admit that this type of lecherousness by so called 'respectable' public figures or intellectuals is not at all uncommon in the society. The recent Tiger Woods scandal is a glaring example of that. The American president does that. The Nobel laureate also does that too.

What I found disgusting is that, in order to be in the headline, a few third-grade journalists have started to reveal their closeness with David Davidar and also, began to give their character certificates to him based on their almost no or very less or dubious interaction with him. One such article was published by the Akhond of Swat. How could you really know a real man in just eight month's of professional interaction, Ms. attention-whore Nilanjana or whatever. Here.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr.Amitabh Bachchan's cunningness

The more I'm delving into the political intricacies of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the more I'm getting convinced about the Israeli intention to use the holocaust as an excuse and license to justify the brutalities on, and the humiliations of the poor Palestinians. More on that shortly. Meanwhile please look at the video

But today's post is about something a little bit lighter in importance, of course, than Arab-Israeli relations. Look at the pictures and the captions immediately below the pictures.

When I looked at the part of the caption just below the pictures, I was simply wowed to see the huge crowds cheering the Bachchan bachchas in Paris. Then I found it is actually not in Paris, but in good old Delhi.  If only Raavan is saved by all such manipulations.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Meet a Mocking Bong

Statutory warning: The entire story is a figment of my imagination. The story is about a retarded asshole who was once bitten in the posterior by an orangutan, now living the life of a circus clown churning out all his grotesque and bizarre acts to impress the audience. A clown is never meant to be taken seriously, particularly so, if his orangutan gene did not change so much to be called a homo sapience. Having said that, never miss any opportunity to clap the Orangutan in the zoo, particularly when it dances boom-boom-boom with full enthusiasm, makes a face thinking it looks like Marlon Brando, sticks out its tongue or growls.  

Any resemblance of the abovementioned retard to any monkey-junkie-chimpanzee or any blogger, living or shitting or farting, is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I just wanted to write how bullshit homeopathy is. India Uncut put it so nicely. Hell of an article.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Israel- The Most Evil Country in the World (Part I)

The supporters of Israel sometimes argue:  what other option is really left with Israel than killing the Palestinian "terrorists"?

Many Israeli supporters want to invoke Israel's success story -- economic, technological and entrepreneurial-- to justify their actions on and their treatments of the Palestinians. The line of reasoning is somewhat like this:The fact that I own a a posh car indicates that I worked hard and that I have the talents to be eligible to buy that fashionable car. You cannot afford such a car, implying that you are inferior to me. And now you, out of anger and jealousy, will always try to throw stones and break the windows of my car. Therefore, it is legitimate for me to punish you whenever I see you near my car. This logic, which may be rhetorically spot on, is actually misleading and falsification of the underlying truth. I shall argue with more and more concrete evidences from time to time that the causality is in the opposite direction.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

11th Commandment

Ladies and gentlemen the tenth commandment written in Bible (believed by the followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam) says: Do not desire your neighbor's wife.

Fair enough. Let me today annex one more commandment to it too:  Do not desire your neighbor's husband too.

Now the Bible should look less sexist.


Mother India

Picture Courtesy: Shekhar Kapur's Blog. Being a mother myself, when I look at these pictures I somehow start wondering whether the civilization is really progressing or retrogressing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My First Blogging Experience

I'm very new to this blogging world. But certainly not so to the world of debate, writing and argumentation. I have been doing this job of argumentation with a great deal of noise, chaos and some entertainment too, since the very first day in my life I was able to think. Blogging is my latest fancy.

Sambaran and maybe some other readers asked me if I can collect some of my posts on Greatbong's weblog and put them together in my own blogspace so that they can read them as a single article and discuss. The writing would not have been like this, had I decided beforehand to write it in my own blog.

My blogging experience is turning out to be deeply interactive as well as controversial, much contrary to my expectation. I've been banned from a popular blog for expressing my views and ideas which the owner might have found heretical. I will record the details of this experience, which is not so pleasant, in my next post. So don't go. And please advice me about blogging ethics, possible technical improvements and interesting subjects of future posts. Will the people like to know about the "noshto meyer noshto godyo"? Let's see where it leads me to.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Back from Shenandoah

RK, my 4 year old daughter, is now able to distinguish between slow driving and fast driving. While coming back, she was literally very disgusted at the big traffic on the Interstate 66. Virginia is changing very fast. I am thinking of removing the car seat in a few days so that she could now sit in the front beside me and slowly learn how to drive. I have to find out who holds the world record of becoming the youngest driver and ask her to break the record as a challenge. Haha. I can't think of my baby being not at par with the best in the world in any areas of activity. Cruel me, right? Is it bad to put your kid through such rat-races since such an early age. Do comment. I like to know.

This is not a very good time to go to the park. A bit hot. But I always feel very energetic after the horse-riding at Shenandoah. This is called high testosterone. Yes women have it too. After all adventure is in our blood. And also there are not many places in the world which can match the beauty of Big Meadows. Mom will be here in a week. Lots of stuff to complete before she comes.
Will come back with more stories of life and many other things from time to time.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Discussion: Theology and Advaita Vedanta

(This post is motivated from a discussion in greatbong's blog on an article about Satyajit Ray and Tagore)

My opinion about any forms of theology is simple which is on the lines of Richard Dawkins. Be it Christianity, or Judaism, or Islam, or Hindusim or whatever. Is theology a subject? Does it answer any query of our minds that some other science or philosophy cannot? It can possibly never, because the corner stones of any form of theology are false, deception and fraudulence. For example, very amusingly, Vivekananda had strongly advocated in his writings for sexual abstinence, including masturbation, since he was under the impression that sexual abstinence promoted health. Therefore, it should be limited. if not completely overthrown except for the purpose of reproduction. When I am no way trying to support unhindered sexual romps in societies, Vivekanada's advice had no scientific basis. Even after research of several decades on this subject, no connection between sexual modesty and health benefits has been established. On the other hand, in a clinical study in Australia, it has been reported the male masturbation reduces the chances of prostate cancer.

In strict Hinduism, menstruating women are banned from any kind social mixing, probably on the misconception that the condition is infectious.

Bible says and stipulates its followers to believe that the God has created the Universe, and all animals and plants in just six days just around 6000 years ago. They also say that the dinosaurs and humans have co-existed. When we all know the Universe was created 4.8 billion years ago and the humans had come into existence much later than the dinosaurs had long gone. Most importantly all species on the earth have a common ancestor, when Bible says they were created by the God separately. However funny it may sound like, millions of people believe in such Biblical facts.

Can anybody explain why should I spend time to learn Advaita Vedanta when I can clearly see they are all pseudo-science.

Therefore I do not understand why there are still theology departments in famous Universities around the globe including those in Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard etc. Most funnily they also award PhD degrees in theology.