Thursday, July 1, 2010

Missing Comments

Hi guys,

I missed some comments, as they did not appear on the side bar. For example, J.s. on kashmir post, anon on theism/atheism etc, including some abusive comments by the great shong (shong as in bengali meaning clown). Now I have enabled email-delivery of the comments (thanks to KS). In addition, the princess was also not doing well lately. Shall reply very shortly.:)



Anonymous said...

God bless your daughter:)

archana said...

What happened? pray not serious.

Anonymous said...

now the blog looks fantastic.


Mimi Sen said...

@archana: It's nothing serious. Kinda urinal infection. Hence a lil bit of fever. Doc has given some antibiotics. She is recovering fast.

@KS: Women know how to play sexy. Don't they?