Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Loaded with Obscene Comments from the Mocking Bong

It was not unforeseen that the Bong would jump into action after his fictitious interview that was published here, and innundate my comment-space with unspeakably obscene comments. I feel very amused to watch people in their public persona trying to enact gentleman and progressive, when they abuse incessantly in the bitterest malicious manner behind the shield of anonymity.


Anonymous said...

We're amused too, watching you bask in the imagined glory of attention from the Bong and shove your stilettos down your throat. :-)

ketan subba rao said...


I'm amused too to see this verbal abuse between two bongs.

Go mimi go. Kill the Mocking greatbong.


Anonymous said...

ke tumi
tumi ki Kimi [katkar]
tomr bon ki rimi

ke tumi mimi

Mimi said...

To Anonymous-1:

Why do not you go to your GB's blog and lick his ass clean every morning so that some priceless toilet paper is saved.

Anonymous said...

ore khanki maagi... tui sudhrobi naa re... tor blog keu pore naa, tor meye (ba chhele) r baap ke ta jana nei... tui ekta perverted idiot... tui maanushyo podo bachhyo (tor moto adha tyansh goru der jonyo english e bole di, "worthy of being called a human") nos, egulo to tor gene er dosh, ete GB ki korbe?? GB to aar jai hok tor baap noy... nijer bapa ke gaal de re khanki bachha, jodi khunje paas

SP said...

However great you may write, you will always be known as somebody who tried to gain a name for herself in somebody else#s blog....So concenrtrate on your writing and less on dissing GB That would be like cutting off the branch from whoch you are hanging